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Q: Can the president instantly make decisions to help the Nation even if they disagree with the Constitution?
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Can all three branches of government interpret the constitution differently?

Absolutely. Even US Supreme Court justices disagree with each other's interpretation of the Constitution, which is why there are seldom unanimous votes.While the President and members of Congress may disagree with certain Supreme Court decisions, the justices are the final arbiters of the Constitution. The other branches of government must abide by the Court's opinions.

How do justices determine the meaning the Constitution?

Justices review the Constitution and use their own personal frames of reference to determine what the Constitution says about something. Because so much is open for interpretation, the justices often disagree on what is meant, and so unanimous decisions are rare.

Who makes decisions when citizens disagree or break the law in the US?


What were 7 areas in which the framers of the constitution agreed upon?

What did the framers of the constitution agree/disagree upon at the constitutional convention?

What is the term of the written explanation of why some judges disagree with the Supreme Court's decisions?


Why might economic advisers to the president disagree about a question of policy?

Economic Advisers to President might disagree about a question of policy because of differing scientific judgments or differences in values

The next president of the Philippines would be a woman president will you agree or disagree?

it depends, as long as the next president will be agood leader

What part of the new constitution did federalists and anti-federalists disagree on?

because they thought differently

What did federalist and antifederalist disagree most strongly about?

Whether a bill of rights was necessary to include in the Constitution

Did people disagree with the US Constitution?

Most people who saw this new institution forming were against it. In a land where communities were self sufficient there was no need for a constitution of this kind.

Why do you disagree with the electoral system?

Because the public doesn't actually get to pick the president.

Why does separation of powers delay decision making?

The President and the Congress may disagree.