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Q: Can you Design a symbol for twenty first century reflecting its nationhood explain the symbol?
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What is a design of astronomical reflecting telescope?


Is refracting telescopes bigger then reflecting telescopes?

Not necessarily. Refracting telescopes can be large, but reflecting telescopes can also be quite large and often have larger apertures due to their design. The size of a telescope depends on its purpose and design specifications rather than whether it is refracting or reflecting.

What other things were developed using the refracting telescope design?

the reflecting telescope was!!

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What has the author R N Wilson written?

R. N. Wilson has written: 'Reflecting telescope optics' -- subject(s): Reflecting telescopes, Reflection (Optics), Design and construction

Who designed a reflecting telescope?

Isaac Newton is credited with designing the first practical reflecting telescope in the 17th century, known as the Newtonian telescope. By using a curved mirror to reflect and focus light, Newton's design offered advantages over traditional refracting telescopes of the time.

Does a reflecting telescope gather light with a lens or a mirror?

A reflecting telescope gathers light with a mirror instead of a lens. The mirror reflects light to a focus point where the image is formed. This design eliminates chromatic aberration that can occur with lenses.

When where reflecting telescopes invented?

The reflecting telescope was invented by Sir Isaac Newton in 1668, utilizing a curved mirror to gather and focus light. This design allowed for better image quality and less chromatic aberration compared to refracting telescopes.

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