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yes, it is not considered a state, however it is a territory of the Federal Government

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Q: Can you become a u.s president if born in Washington D.C.?
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What president was born near Washington DC?

George Washington was born the closest to Washington, DC.

Did Obama become president in Washington DC?

yes he did

Us President born in Maryland?

None so far.

Can a Washington DC native be president?

if they become an US citizen, yes!

Who was the person was appointed by president George Washington to help survery the land that would become Washington dc?

scott joplin

This person was appointed by President George Washington to help survey the land that would become Washington DC?

benjamin banneker

How did Washington DC become the nations capital?

How did Washington DC become the nations capital

How many presidents are from Washington and what are their names?

No U. S. President or Vice President to date has been from Washington state, but former Vice President Al Gore was born in Washington DC.

Why did the president have to live in Washington DC?

the white house is in Washigton DC

Is Washington D.C. the home of the president?

The President does live in the White House, which is in Washington DC, however after and before the President's term in office, often times the President does not reside in Washington DC, and instead lives in other states.

Who has the ultimate control of Washington DC?

The president

Who is Washington D.C.'s president?

The president of Washington DC, is the President of the United States, currently Barack Obama.