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Letting the personal views of others to influence an individuals choice can result in many possible consequences. For example, if you do not hire someone that you really like and get a good feeling about because of the views of someone else, you could miss out on a wonderful employee.

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what are the consequences of allowing the personal views of others to influence an individual's choices

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Q: Can you explain possible consequences of allowing the personal views of others to influence an individuals choice?
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What ways does the government not affect what you do?

They do not affect childrens lives much, especially because they are not that familiar with the system of government. They do not affect schools in the way that they make major decisions. They do not influence our personal and financial decisions, apart from the share market and industry. They cannot influence our voting decisions, such as what party and candidate we vote for. Government influences more major decisions in general, and do not interfere with our personal lives.

What is state control of individuals?

state control of others demands loyaly to the state or leader, denies basic liberties, and expects personal sacrifice for the good of the state.

What is the illegal use of political influence for personal gain?


Why didn't all Americans support prohibition?

Many Americans were Constitutionalists, libertarians, supporters of states' rights, opposed Federal intrusion into the personal lives of individuals, supporters of individual freedom, and/or believed that Prohibition would fail to work and be an expensive social engineering experiment.

What is flexible interpretation?

flexible interpretation, also known as judicial activism, is a way of viewing the constitution that shows judges as trusted individuals who sometimes inject their personal beliefs and opinions when making judicial decisions rather than interpreting the constitution by its original intent. many left leaning justices of the supreme court employ the use of flexible interpretation because of its allowance of personal thoughts and beliefs having an effect on judicial rulings.

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Why should a workers personal views not influence an individuals choice?

A worker's personal views should not influence an individual's choice because everyone is entitled to make decisions based on their own values and beliefs. It is important to respect diversity of opinions and allow individuals to make choices that align with their own perspectives and needs. Workers should remain neutral and provide information and support without imposing their own views on others.

What are the possible consequences for not allowing an employee to view and update his personal information?

One of the major consequences for not allowing an employee to view and update his personal information is a big lawsuit. An employee has a right to view and update his personal information at any time, at his discretion.

Why do your parents not let you have facebook or MySpace?

They are scared of the fictional "predators" and "hackers" In addition, there are laws about allowing underage individuals to post personal information.

What are possible consequences for not allowing an employee to view and update his personal information?

The agency may be charged with a civil penalty and the personnel office staffer may be charged with a misdemeanor and fined.

What aspects of personal life are relevant to the story people of consequences by ines taccad cammayo?

In "People of Consequences" by Ines Taccad Cammayo, aspects of personal life such as family dynamics, cultural heritage, and individual choices are relevant to the story. The characters' relationships with their families and how they navigate societal expectations play a significant role in shaping the plot and character development. Additionally, the characters' personal beliefs and values influence the decisions they make and the consequences they face throughout the narrative.

What is personal writing?

Personal writing is a form of self-expression where individuals share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and opinions in a written format. It is often subjective and reflective, allowing writers to explore their inner thoughts and emotions. Personal writing can take many forms, such as journal entries, personal essays, memoirs, or creative nonfiction.

What does power corrupts the best mean?

The phrase "power corrupts" suggests that having a position of authority or influence can lead individuals to abuse their power for personal gain, potentially leading to unethical or immoral behavior. It implies that individuals in positions of power may become corrupted by their authority, risking negative consequences for others.

What personal factors influence a child or young persons development?

There are many personal factors that influence a child or young person's development. One of these personal factors is personality.

What is the meaning of the worlds plunderers?

Plunderers are people who steal or take things by force, especially during times of conflict or war. They are individuals who engage in looting or pillaging for personal gain without regard for the consequences or the rights of others.

How underlying personal issues might be addressed?

Many individuals have personal issues which might be addressed. For instance, some individuals might have underlying issues dealing with betrayal, trust, or abandonment. Other individuals may have personal issues dealing with parents, children, or friends. Most qualified psychologists or psychiatrists can help individuals with their personal issues.

What are five aspects of Personal identity?

Core beliefs and values that shape individuals' thoughts and actions. Personal relationships and social connections that influence self-perception. Unique experiences and memories that contribute to a sense of self. Gender identity and cultural background that influence how one sees themselves. Physical characteristics and traits that help define an individual's identity.

How might knowing about factors that influence change help you with personal development?

How might knowing about factors that influence change help you with personal development?