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Mary Ludwig was a Patriot and her nickname was "Molly Pitcher."

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Q: Can you give me fact about Mary Ludwig?
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Did Mary Ludwig have children?

She has childrens all over town. Fact.

Did Mary Ludwig hays have childrens?

She has childrens all over town. Fact.

What education did Mary Ludwig Hays have?

Mary Ludwig Hayes did not have education.

What were Mary Ludwig chirlden name?

creg ludwig

What were important events in Mary Ludwig hays early life?

mary ludwig did some stuff

What colony was Mary Ludwig hays from?

mary ludwig or known as molly pitcher was from the middle colonies.

Who is Mary Ludwig?

Mary Ludwig was a female revolutionary war hero. also known as molly pitcher

Why did Mary Ludwig Hays get her nickname molly pitcher?

How did Mary Ludwig Hays get her nickname "Molly Pitcher"? h

Who are gretchen and john ludwig?

Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley's parents

What was Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley's Nickname?

Mary Ludwig Hayes McCauley's nickname was Molly Pitcher

What did Mary Ludwig do for a job?

a servant

What is Molly Pitchers real name?

Molly Pitcher real name is Mary Sarah Ludwig Hays McCauley