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No, we don't write essays for students. You need to do this . I will be glad to give you suggestions, but not do it for you. I suggest you do a Venn diagram to help you organize your thoughts. Your teacher is looking for critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson. Plus, 3 paragraphs is nothing. At some point you will have a 20 page term paper to do.

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Not very helpful but thanks ig
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Change occurs in traditional values. When modernization comes in conflict with traditional values, change occurs in the traditional values due to the introduction of modern methods that take the place of traditional values. Culture impacts modernization in three ways i.e. positive effects such as science & technology knowledge also has negative effects such as feudalism and neutral effects such as languages and arts, etc. Yes, understanding conflicts between traditional culture and modern challenges is very important in today's world because understanding conflicts prevent the intense conflict that disturbs society.

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Q: Can you help me!!!!! Write a three-paragraph essay with the title The Tension Between Traditional Culture and Modernization in the Contemporary World. Be sure to address these questions?
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