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they give people a hand shake

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Q: Candidate try to get people to vote for them by giving?
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Interest groups try to persuade people to do what?

They try to persuade people to vote for the candidate that best represent their interests.

What do interest groups try to persuade people to do?

They try to persuade people to vote for the candidate that best represent their interests.

What do the republicans do to elect representations to act or speak for them?

They simply vote in the elections for a Republican candidate to try to get them to win. As a political strategy they try to make their candidate seem moderate and the better choice then them Democrats.

How do people prepare to vote for president?

I am not sure what you want to know. In order to vote, one has to register in advance with the local election officer. Then, you have to report at your assigned polling location on election day during the times the polls or open with the proper ID , or else, if allowed, vote early according to the rules, or else vote by absentee ballot, according to instructions. As for preparing to cast your vote, different people prepare in different ways. The way I think is best is to read as many newspaper and magazine articles as you can about the candidate, watch the debates and try to decide which candidate will do the most for the country. Others study the same way, but vote for the candidate who will do the most for their own self-interests. Some people vote for the best-looking candidate; some vote the way their spouses or friends tell them to; some always vote for the same party; some vote for the candidate whose moral or religious values are closest to their own. Some vote for the candidate is most like themselves, that is same race, same sex, same state, same ethnic group, or the same in some way that matters to them.

What does canvassing mean?

The word canvassing means when a politician or those working for him or her, go door to door to try to persuade residents to vote for the candidate.

What are the main responsibilities of political parties?

The political parties are involved in nominations and elections. They recruit candidates, help out voters, and try to get the vote for their candidate.

What is A bridge in Selma?

It was when the black people marched to try to get there right to vote.

Should all citizens be required to vote?

They shouldn't.Requiring someone to vote is a removal of the freedom of choice.A person who does not want to vote, but is forced to do so, would probably not prepare well for his vote. In fact, he might even caST a protest vote for a poor candidate just to show his displeasure at having to vote.Also, how can you make people vote? What you going to do? Round up the non-voters and put them in prison? Try to collect fines from people who are on welfare? What about those who are sick, or incapacitated or have a good excuse for not voting? Are you going to hire a huge staff of people just to investigate the non-voters?

What begins after candidates are chosen for an election?

I think (election) campaign is the phrase you are looking for. After a candidate is nominated he runs a campaign to try to convince voters to vote for him in the upcoming election.

How does jack try to satisfy the beast?

by killing people and giving them to the beast "sacrafice"

What is rock the vote?

Rock the Vote is a mission designed to try and increase engagement in political power in young people. Rock the Vote is trying to reinvigorate democracy and redefine citizenship.

How do you get people to stop giving you wedgies?

once people start giving u wedgies, they wont stop!!!!! so, why even try getting them to when they won't stop?????????????????

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