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Los Angeles.

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Q: Cardinal is to St. Louis as Dodger is to?
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What St. Louis Cardinal players wore?

As far as we know, no St. Louis Cardinal player ever wore a "?".

What is the major league baseball team for St. Louis?

The St. Louis Cardinal's.

Who had the longest career as a St. Louis cardinal?

stan musial

What letters are on St. Louis Cardinal's caps?

The letters are STL.

Does St. Louis cardinal david fresse have a girlfriend?


When was the Cardinal bird not on the St. Louis Cardinals jerseys?

maybe before they were the cardinals, they used to be the St. Louis Brown Stockings

How did the St Louis Cardinals get their name?

The St. Louis Cardinals original name was the Brown Stockings... then the Perfectos, then the owners heard one of the fans from the crowds say "what a lovely shade of a cardinal" so the owners OFFICIALLY changed their name to the St. Louis Cardinals!

Who is the cardinal of Chicago?

St. Louis (the city) is the center of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis. This region is unique in that it is one of only two in the world which are represented both locally by an archbishop (Currently The Most Revered Robert James Carlson), and in the Vatican by a cardinal (His Eminence Raymond Leo BurkeArchbishop Emeritus of the Archdiocese of St. Louis)

Was there a St. Louis Cardinal with the first name Ozzie?

Yes. Ozzie Smith was a shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals from 1982-1996.

1982 St. Louis Cardinal second basemen?

Tom Herr

What St. Louis cardinal player was named the machine?

Albert Pujols..

Which St. Louis Cardinal has the word Cardenales on his shirt?

Chris carpenter