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The federal whiskey tax produced the whiskey rebellion.

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Q: Caused rebellion in Pennsylvania
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Who caused rebellion in Pennsylvania?


What caused the farmers in western Pennsylvania to revolt during the Whishey Rebellion?

The United States government put tax on selling wheat.

Where did the whiskey rebellion start?


Where did the Whiskey Rebellion happen?

In Pennsylvania

What caused the Bower Rebellion?

Boxer Rebellion?

Where was the whisky rebellion?

Pennsylvania. Click the link below for more information about the Rebellion.

What caused Culpeper's Rebellion?

how did culpepers rebellion happen

What caused the culpeper rebellion?

how did culpepers rebellion happen

Location of the whiskey rebellion?

The Whiskey Rebellion began in the western part of Pennsylvania in 1794.It ended when President Washington led 13,000 men in a Federal militia to quell the uprising, in October 1794.

Where was the location of Shays rebellion?

Pennsylvania. Abbreviation: Penn.

What rebellion caused the founding fathers to rewrite the constitution?

shays' rebellion.

What caused the Samuel Sharpe rebellion?

His rebellion was against slavery in Jamaica.