Civil air patrol encampment

Updated: 4/28/2022
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ok if you're in civil air patrol and want to go to any special activity you must go to an encampment first! then again it is very fun, my first year at emcampment aka your doolie year it is so intense but hey its part of the game get yelled at the first two or three days then it gets slack...but in the end, you'll become a much better cadet as in you'll know how to make your bed the right way what team work is how to become a better follower and things like that

if you are in civil air patrol any one can email me at:

and I'll help you out to the best of my ability if you have any questions about CAP trust me, if you go to encampment, you'll have a blast and on top of that, you'll want to go again even though its very intense. its some spirit in you that wants that feeling, like an addiction. but a good addiction ha ha

SO fun!! if your in civil air patrol, then you SHOULD go. most likely youd like it.

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Q: Civil air patrol encampment
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Is encampment for civil air patrol supper hard do you have to be strong and be able to do lots of pushups?

encampment is for civil air patrol and its hard an fun and you only have to do pushups in the morning for pt...but its not like you have to be buff to the max.

When was Civil Air Patrol created?

Civil Air Patrol was created in 1941.

What does a Civil air patrol badge look like?

A civil air patrol name plate has the following setup: Civil Air Patrol United States Air Force Auxiliary NAME

What is Civil Air Patrol's motto?

The motto of Civil Air Patrol is 'List of Latin phrases (S)'.

Where was the civil air patrol located?

The National Headquarters for Civil Air Patrol is at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.

Are tactical boots allowed in Civil Air Patrol?

Yes. If in doubt call the local Civil air patrol.

Why are civil air patrol uniforms important?

The Civil Air Patrol is important because they are the everyday heroes of America. Civil Air Patrol members are volunteers in the Air Force Auxiliary. Civil Air Patrol saves lives in Emergency Services, while commiting to educating the youth and adults of the future.

How much money do civil air patrol pilots make?

Civil Air Patrol pilots do not make money. They are civilian volunteers.

When was New Mexico Wing Civil Air Patrol created?

New Mexico Wing Civil Air Patrol was created in 1941.

Are you sent to war in the civil air patrol?

No. Civil Air Patrol is the auxiliary of the United States Air Force. They help out the military, but they will never be deployed into war.

Where can you buy a civil air patrol SDU?


The motto always vigilant?

The Civil Air Patrol.