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The United States Supreme Court has jurisdiction over all claims against the federal government. The Court has original jurisdiction which means the case does not go through other courts first.

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Q: Claims against the US Government must go to the?
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What court handles property claims against the US government?

The Court of Federal Claims.

What is the job of the US Court of Federal Claims?

To hear claims of monetary damage filed against the US Government.

What cases would the US Court of Federal Claims hear?

Claims made by individuals against the US Government for damages.

Which of the following cases would the U S Court of Federal Claims hear?

Claims for monetary damages against the US Government.

Is the us claims court handles cases in which the government owes businesses money a true statement?

Partially. It is the court which hears all claims by ANYBODY, against the government.

Which court deals with lawsuits against the US Government?

The United States Court of Federal Claims. (formerly known as the United States Claims Court)

Which court must base on government regulation or a contract with the US?

The United States Court of Federal Claims (U.S. Court of Claims {A+ answer ^_^})

All the following statements about the Court of Federal Claims are true except?

The US Court of Federal Claims is a federal court responsible in hearing monetary claims against the government. When it was founded on 1855, it was named United States Court of Claims.

The court which holds trials and hears claims for damages against federal government is what court?

I believe that you may be referring to the US Court of Claims, however they do not hold trials. Therefore you could be referring to US DIstrict Court.See below link:

Is the US Court of Federal Claims considered a lower court in the federal court system?

Yes, the US Court of Federal Claims has original jurisdiction over monetary claims against the federal government. While it is, technically, a "lower federal court," it is not part of the Judicial Branch, but part of the Legislative Branch.

What states the US acquired in the 1840s?

Florida was ceded to the US by Spain in 1819. It was not really bought, but the US government paid 5 million dollars to US citizens who had claims against Spain that were connected to the lack of government in Florida.

Which court hears cases that claim damages against the US?

The US Court of Federal Claims. It is located in Wasshington DC.