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Colonists argued that the Stamp Act was not proper because it was a form of taxation without representation. This was a tax set up by the British Parliament to tax goods the Colonists needed.

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The colonists felt the stamp act was not proper because colonies should only be taxed once by their provincial assemblies. The British government passed the stamp act on March 22, 1765

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Q: Colonists argued that the stamp act was not proper because?
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Why did the colonists fear the stamp act?

The Colonists feared the Stamp Act because they did not have much money, and because the Stamp Act was based on many of the Colonists daily uses.

How did the English king react to the colonists' petition about the sugar and stamp acts?

The English King reacted to the colonists petition about the Sugar Act and Stamp Act by repealing the Stamp Act. Ben Franklin went and argued in front of English Parliament warning of a revolution.

What did Colonists opposed to the stamp act because?

the colonists opposed to the stamp act because because it highered taxes on certain items and they did not want to pay more on certain items

Why was the stamp act so unpopular among colonists?

Because the stamp act placed taxes on everything the colonists used.

Why did the colonists protest passage of the stamp act?

The colonists protest passage of the stamp act because they believed that without representation in Parliament, they shouldn't be taxed.

What upset Americans colonists most stamp act?

they were being taxed with out being warned first.

What did the colonies think about the stamp act?

the colonies did not like the stamp act, as of the colonists did not like it too. because the colonists felt that its not fair for britain to tax them all of a sudden.

The colonists protested the stamp act because they believed in?

refusing to buy goods from Britain

Why did the colonists protest during the stamp act?

The Stamp Act taxed every colonists directly so the colonists crowd was furious The Stamp Act actually placed a tax on all ads, newspaper articles, and things in that area meaning that the colonists in the 13 colonies would have to pay for them to find out what was going on around their country

Parliament eventually repealed this act because of the colonists protests?

The Stamp Act

Why did the king repeal the stamp act?

Because of boycott and violent protests by colonists

Why did the stamp act upset the American colonists?

Some British colonists were upset, because they were imposed a tax without their voice in the British Parliament.