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The colonists protested the passage of the Tea Act. One infamous event was the Boston Tea Party, in which protesters destroyed a shipment of tea.

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Q: Colonists reacted to the passage of the Tea Act by?
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How long after the passage of the stamp act did the colonists dump british tea into Boston harbor?

6 years

How did the colonistsresond to the Tea Act?

How did the colonists resond to the act

Tea Act led colonists to?

the boston tea party

What does the Tea Act cause?

The tea act(act that made tea have taxes) caused the Boston Tea Party(hundreds of colonists throw British tea into the ocean.)

Who was effected by the tea act?

The colonists of America

What was the colonists reaction to the tea act?

Boycotted it

Why did the colonists hold the Bonson tea party?

In protest of the Tea Act

Did the Tea Act state that colonists had to buy tea from China?

No, they boycotted British tea

What were the taxes that were imposed on the colonists?

There was the tax stamp, tea tax, and the sugar act.

What act led the colonists boycott to a popular drink?

Tea Act

What did the colonists resent most about the tea act?

It gave Britain a tea monopoly

When colonists dumped tea into Boston Harbor to protest the Tea Act?

Boston tea party