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raising enough money

a reelection based on how much pork they acquired

a strong challenger

all of the above

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Q: Compared to House incumbents Senate incumbents are more likely to face the problem of?
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Do the House incumbents usually have a difficult time getting reelected?

House incumbents typically have an advantage when seeking reelection due to factors like name recognition, fundraising capabilities, and established voter support. However, challenges can arise if there is strong opposition, a shift in public sentiment, or if the incumbent is embroiled in controversy. Overall, incumbents tend to win reelection at a higher rate compared to challengers.

Why do PACs give more money to incumbents?

PACs tend to give more money to incumbents because incumbents have a higher likelihood of winning reelection. PACs want to support candidates who are already in power and have a proven track record of supporting their interests. Additionally, supporting incumbents can help PACs maintain access and influence in policymaking processes.

Compared to House members senators are typically less likely to take orders from their chambers party leaders because?

Senators think of themselves as being equals and are therefore less inclined to take directions from the Senate party leaders

Who is in charge of the Senate when the vice president is not acting as president of the Senate?

The senate elects a president pro tempore who is the longest serving majority Senator. There are also majority and minority Senate leaders. Unless there is a vote and a tie occurs, it does not matter much who chairs the Senate and members take turns presiding . If a tie vote seems likely, the vice- president will be there more than likely.

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If you wanted to construct a new transcontinental railroad what senate committee would most likely handle your request for congressional aid?

The Senate Commerce Committee.

Which one of the folllowing individuals would be most likely to vote?

People that have graduated from college are more likely to vote compared to just high school graduates. Seniors are also more likely to vote compared to very young adults.

Filibusters are less likely to occur in the House of Representatives than in the Senate because?

Filibusters are LESS likely to occur in the House of Representatives THAN the Senate, for two reasons: firstly, the number of people in the 'House' is 435 and in the Senate there are 100 - the simple fact that more voters makes it less likely for a Filibuster to occur, and secondly, there are and ODD number of Voting members in the 'House' as opposed to an EVEN number in the Senate - again, making it MORE likely for a Filibuster to occur in the Senate.

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Which political party will control the senate in January 2013?

Most likely the Democratic Party is what I have heard! ;-)