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I think your asking "What are concurrent powers". The answer is that they are powers shared by the federal government and the state governments

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Q: Concurrent powers means that the national government?
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What are the 2 concurrent powers that the national and state government hold?

Concurrent means both the state and federal governments have those powers.

How does federalism limit the powers of government in the United states?

Federalism means that power is divided between the national government and the state governments. Federalism limits the power of government because it gives some powers to the national government and some to the states. In creating a federal system, the Constitution set out three types of powers: delegated, reserved, and concurrent. Delegated Powers Delegated powers belong to the national government. Under the Constitution, only the national government has the power to: • coin and print money • set up a postal system • declare war • regulate Immigration • make treaties with foreign countries

What does concurrent mean?

Concurrent powers are powers that are shared by the state and the federal government and may be exercised simultaneously within the same territory and in relation to the same body of citizens.

How did federalism limit the powers of government in the US?

Examples of the use of federalism to limit power is in politics and government. In our government there are three branches or parts. Each of the branches have a purpose, but can check and balance each other's powers. These examples are the use of federalism to limit power.

What is the difference between delagated reserved and concurrent powers?

Delegated means that you gave the power to someone. Reserved means you kept a piece of the power for yourself. Concurrent means you share the power with at least one other person.

The federal system?

Federalism means the division of power between the national government and the states. The Constitution does not clearly define, however, the areas in which these powers are exercised. Keeping in mind that the framers were determined to strengthen the national government, it is not surprising that the powers belonging to the states were left vague.

What powers mean that each branch of government is independent?

"Separation of powers," Means that each branch of government is independent

What is a concurrent power of the US federal system?

levy and collect taxes, borrow money and establish courts

How did the state constitutions limit the powers of the government?

They limited the powers of their government by Separation of Powers. This means that power is divided among 3 branches. The 3 branches are Judicial, Executive and Legislative.

In what are delegated powers given?

No, to delegate means to give to another (as in a job or a responsibility). So to delegate a power means to give it to someone else. In the U.S. Constitution, powers are given to the government by the states and the people, not given to the states and the people by the government.

What does seperations of powers means?

it means that the idea that power is divided among three branches of government.

What were Hamilton beliefs?

he believed in a strong central governmant