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Q: Constitution a revolutionary or reactionary document?
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Is the Constitution a revolutionary document and if so what makes it revolutionary?

The Constitution was a revolutionary document because it established the idea of popular sovereignty, which is the idea that the people govern themselves. For example the Constitution begins by saying "We the people..."

What was the name of the document that served as the nation constitution following the Revolutionary War?

The Declaration of Independence i think

What document set up us current government?

The United States Constitution was the document that established the Federal system of government. The US Constitution was, in its time, a revolutionary document that recognized the freedoms of its citizens. At the time of its ratification, most of the world's established countries did not have the freedoms the the US Constitution recognized.

Which ideological group favors going back to an earlier order by whatever means necessary?

revolutionary reactionary - NovaNet

What document made the Revolutionary War end?

The document that ended the Revolutionary War was the Treaty Of Paris.

What is a Individual document files?

its like a document but for the US Constitution

Why was the continental constitution called in the Revolutionary War?

The original constitution used during the Revolutionary War was called the Articles of Confederation.

A written document that guides a nation is it's?


What is it called when an addition to a constitution or other document is made?

An 'Amendment' is any change to the constitution or federal document.

What is the Tagalog of the word reactionary?

The Tagalog translation of the word "reactionary" is "reaksyonaryo."

Is the British constitution document longer than the American constitution document?

The British Constitution is uncodified, not written down. It is entrenched in the laws of the nation. There is no single document with the constitutional laws written down.

Was the constitution a slave document?