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The Federal Government

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Q: Construction of the National Road was financed by?
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Was the first road to be built with federal funds?

the national road

How was the national road funded?

The federal government financed the road.

Construction began on what road in 1811?

The National Road

How did the construction of the National road relate to the American system?

It helped in communication

In 1807 the Fedreal government appropriated money for the construction of?

a national road

How was the transcontinental railroad financed?

The transcontinental railroads was financed by the Railway Act of 1863, which financed the construction of the railroad through loans and land grants.

The national road went as far west as?

The National Road (today's US Route 40) extended as far west as Vandalia, Illinois, by 1852, where construction stopped.

Who financed the construction of the Erie Canal?

DeWitt Clinton

Why the National Road was important?

The National road was important because it was the first highway to be built by the government. The road's construction began in 1811 and reached West Virginia in 1818. The road follows much of what is now US-40.

When did the National Road construction begin?

The first contracts were given in 1811, and the construction was delayed until 1815 due to the War of 1812.

How many years were there between the National Road and the Erie Canal?

The National Road was the first major highway in the United States. The initial stage of the project began in 1811; but it took a long period of time to build the road, and the project finally came to an end in 1839. In the midst of the building of the National Road, work began on the Erie Canal, starting in 1817. The canal was opened for traffic in October 1825. Thus, there were six years between when the National Road's construction began and the construction of the Erie Canal was started.

When did Congress approve the funding of the first national road?

It was built provide a portage route between the Potomac River and the Ohio River.