Cost of the maginot line

Updated: 4/28/2022
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7 billion Francs.

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Q: Cost of the maginot line
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Where does one find the Maginot Line website?

There are many Maginot Line related websites on the net including Maginot Line and Maginot Line At War. Many of these websites have links from Wikipedia and deal with the history of the location.

Were theree Canadians on there maginot line?

No, the Maginot Line was an entirely French endeavour.

Are translocation and maginot line the same thing?

Translocation and the Maginot Line are very different things. Translocation means to change position.Ê The Maginot Line was a static line of fortification on the French and German borders in the 1930's.

Where did British and France forces settle in 1939 and 1940?

In Northern France behind the Maginot Line.

What was the line in France bypassed by the Germans?

Maginot Line

Fortifications built along France's north eastern frontier between 1920 and 1936?

what is the name of the line of fortification built along france's north eastern frontier between 1920 and1936

Who established maginot line?

The French .

What country established maginot line to defend against attack?

France, and the Maginot Line ultimately failed to serve its intended purpose.

What was the battle line in France called?

The battle line in France is called the Maginot line. The German line was called the Hindbergh line. The Maginot was not able to prevent the German invasion of the 1930s

How did Andre maginot experiences in world war 1 influence his decision to push for the maginot line?


Line in france by passed by attacking germans?

Maginot Line.

Line in France bypassed by attacking Germans?

Maginot Line