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In the 1800's, the cotton gin increased the production of cotton ten fold (a lot), as cotton became more valuable by the minute in those days.

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Q: Cotton production increased with the help of what?
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Cotton production increased with the help of the?

Cotton production increased with the help of the A. cotton gin B.steam generator C.factory system D.cotton mill

What is the relationship of slavery to cotton production?

The answer is " As the slave population increased, cotton production increased."

What invention increased cotton production?

cotton gin

Why did cotton production increased in the 1800s?

Cotton production went up in the 1800's because of the invention of the cotton gin. The gin made production faster than before by a 50 to 1 lbs. ratio.

What 2 inventions lead to increased crop production?

the mechanical reaper and cotton gin were the 2 machines that led to increased crop crop production

What invention increased the speed of cotton processing?

After the invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney the production increases markedly.

What technological development allowed for increased cotton production?

in African American history

Who invented the cotton gin which caused an increased in slavery?

Eli Whitney. Slavery increased because cotton production greatly increased after the cotton gin was invented.

Production in a sentence?

The production of cotton has increased in the last 10 years. (Do not know if that is true just used it for an example)

Why were southern plantation able to increase their cotton production between 1790 and 1821?

The invention of the cotton gin- a machine to remove the seeds from raw cotton. It reduced the cost of producing cotton, sped up production greatly, and increased the farming of cotton.

The year the start of World War 1 production of cotton and copper increased?

if you were trying to say did the year world war one increase the production of cotton and copper the answer is yes

How did the cotton gin affect the amount of cotton grown?

It increased the speed of cotton production because African Americans no longer had to pick seeds out of the cotton because the cotton jin did it much faster