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Workable--yes. There have been many systems of government around the world that did not have judicial review.

Fair--no. Without judicial review, someone in another branch of government gets to be the final arbiter of disputes about the meanings of laws. And those people are usually the ones who also have the guns

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Q: Could we have a workable system of government without judicial review?
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What power can declare unconstitutional acts of government?

That power is the power of judicial review.

The power of the courts to decide the constitutionality of an act of government is called?

Judicial review... which was given binding authority by Maybury v Madison in 1803

Is assessment a synonym for Judicial review?

No, assessment is not a synonym for judicial review. Assessment refers to the evaluation or analysis of something, while judicial review is the process by which courts review the actions of government entities to ensure they are constitutional.

Is judicial review an explicit or an implied power?

Judicial review is an implied power of the Judicial Branch in the US government, but an established practice in common law.

The power that has become basic part of the system of checks and balances of your government today is called?

Judicial review

How the judicial review allow the government to adapt to the changes in the us?

the judicial review allow the government to adapt to the changes in the us by with higher authority such as the terms of the written constitution and the treaty

Why should you support judicial review?

People support the judicial review system because ideally, it can balance and check the executive and legislative branches of government.

What branch has the power of judicial branch?

The Judicial Branch has the power of Judicial Review. They have the ability to review decisions made by the other two branches of government, and they have to measures to allow or prevent them from occurring.

The government is held accountable for its actions under which principle of government?

judicial Review

Why is judicial review an important aspect of the U.S government?

It prevents the government from enforcing laws that violate the Constitution.

What is the nature and importance of judicial review?

the main importance of judicial review are: to protect individuals rights,to balance government powers and to create and maintain equality to every persons/people

When the supreme court declares a law as unconstitutional we have an example of what?

judicial review