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The 8th amendment

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Q: Cruel and unusual punishment is outlawed by which of these amendments?
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Where is cruel and unusual punishment outlawed?

The Eighth Amendment

What were cruel and unusual punishments when the amendments were written?

death, torture, and public humiliation were three unusual and cruel punishment before the 8th amendment.

How much jail time may one get for cruel and unusual punishment?

Cruel and unusual punishment is not a crime. The constitution protects Americans from cruel and unusual punishment from the state.

Which amendment guarantees there will be no cruel and unusual punishment?

The 8th Amendment prohibits excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment.

What are the release dates for Punishment Cruel and Unusual - 2001?

Punishment Cruel and Unusual - 2001 was released on: USA: 14 November 2001

Is overcrowding in prisons cruel and unusual punishment?

Overcrowding in prisons definitely is considered to be cruel and unusual punishment. This is not safe and definitely not humane.

Who was against cruel and unusual punishment?

Many people are against cruel and unusual punishment. It is against the 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Which amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment-?

Cruel and unusual punishment is prohibited by the Eighth Amendment, which is part of the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution in 1791. Please support commonsense grammar.

What was the punishment for cruel and unusual punishment of slaves?

slaves get whipped and beaten

What punishment is highly debeted in regards to cruel and unusual punishment?

One punishment that is highly debated in regards to cruel and unusual punishment is the death penalty. It's very uncommon for the actual death sentence to be brought out.

What amendment protects citizens against cruel unusual punishment?

The 8th amendment prohibits cruel or unusual punishments.

Which amendment outlaws cruel and unusual punishments?

8th amendement outlaws cruel and unusual punishment.