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Excessive conformity stifles innovation. It also leads to uproductive behaviour. As a former public servant, I witnessed ridiculously unproductive activities because the behavioural norm was to avoid risk at all cost and punish those who seemed 'risky'. Was gobsmacked at the extent to which 'unusual' behaviour was frowned upon at the same time as pathetic paper-shuffling to avoid risk was rewarded.

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Q: Dangers of excessive conformity among employees?
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What are the potential dangers to the organisations that encourage excessive conformity among individual employee?

Potential "dangers" to organizations who encourage excessive conformity are low morale, higher turnover, decreased comittment, deviant behavior, low job satisfaction, and stifled innovation and creativity. Ultimately, this results in lower profits, and potentially a poor reputation within the business community.

How can differences among employees actually improve a business?

Differences among employees are better for new ideas. If all employees think alike there will be seldom ideas.

What are factors that contribute to the development of 'helping behavior' among employees?

factor that contribute to development of helping behaviour among employees

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There are several factors of conformity. The difficulty of the task, individual differences, the size of the group, characteristics of the situation, and cultural differences are all factors of conformity.

Why is conformity a good thing?

Conformity can promote social harmony and cohesion by fostering a sense of unity and common understanding among individuals. It can also help maintain order and stability within a group or society by establishing shared norms and expectations for behavior. Additionally, conformity can make it easier for people to navigate social interactions and cooperate with others towards common goals.

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