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Activist foreign policy is very assertive and hands on. Countries instituting this type of foreign relations are proactive and involved.

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Q: Define activist foreign policy
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Define directing foreign policy?

Directing foreign policy essentially is the act of dealing with other countries and such relationships in a preferably positive manner.

What is presidential doctrine?

I suppose it is a doctrine articulated by the President. A doctrine is a statement of belief used to define policy, usually foreign policy.

What is policy dealing with foreign affairs?

Foreign policy is policy that deals with foreign affairs.

What is the Foreign policy is the?

What is the current foreign policy WHERE? (in the US) The President is responsible for foreign policy.

According to the framers does congress define foreign policy or implement foreign policy?

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What the are purpose of foreign policy?

Purpose of foreign policy

What issues define American foreign policy during the early nineteen century?

Issues that defined American foreign policy during the early nineteenth century include expansion and growth. Industrial growth was evident in Europe and Japan. Americans thought not acting on foreign policy would lead to second class status in the community of nations and economic stagnation.

Non technical topics?

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DefineForeign policy mention and detarmenetion of foreign policy?

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Define Trade policy?

a policy for trading.

What is sentence using foreign policy?

US foreign policy stinks.

What was Australia's foreign policy during federation?

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