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The U.S. Constitution forbids any law that conflicts with existing Federal Laws. It also forbids any law that violates the Constitution itself.

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ex post facto law. ex post facto law.

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Q: Define the two types of laws forbidden by the constitution?
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Define Retroactive criminal law making?

In the US - there is no such thing. They are known as "Ex Post Facto" laws and are forbidden by the Constitution.

What is a set of laws that define and often limit a government's power?


What are two things states are forbidden by constitution?

overriding the federal laws

How did they define the constitution?

A written document stating rights and laws

What is a set of laws that define and often limited government's power?

the constitution

Define the British constitution?

The British constitution is 'unwritten'. It is a collection of laws, conventions and case law. There is no codified constitution as there is for example, in the USA.

How does the constitution limit the types of laws that congress can pass?

They must follow the rules of the constitution .

Im doing a case in school and how will do you know if Ex Post Facto Law applys?

(in the US) Ex Post Facto laws are forbidden by the US Constitution.

Should the Supreme Court have the power to retrospectively declare actions illegal?

AnswerThe court systems of the United States do not make laws, they interprete laws. To make a law retroactive (ex post facto) is specifically forbidden in the US Constitution.

Kind of law that is expressly forbidden by the constitution?

"Ex post facto", or "after the fact" laws, and Bills of Attainder, which specifically seize the property of named persons.

Acts forbidden to Congress?

There are several acts forbidden to Congress under the United States Constitution. These include passing bills of attainder, ex post facto laws, and granting titles of nobility. Congress is also prohibited from suspending the writ of habeas corpus, except in cases of rebellion or invasion.

What are laws declaring the act a crime?

Substantive laws define if acts are crimes. They also define punishments.