Delegate from Rhode Island

Updated: 4/28/2022
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delegate from Rhode Island

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Q: Delegate from Rhode Island
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Who is the delegate of Rhode Island?

The delegates for the state of Rhode Island for the House of Representatives are David Cicilline and James Langevin as of 2014. The Senators are Sheldon Whitehouse and Jack Reed as of 2014.

Was New Hampshire the only state that did not send a delegate to the constitutional convention?

False. The only state that didn't send a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1787 was Rhode Island.

Why did Rhode Island refuse to send delegation to the convention?

Rhode Island's leaders did not want a national government interfering in its affairs and opposed the creation of a strong, central government. A Rhode Island delegate quoted, "I will not have anything to do with revising the Articles of Confederation. They are fine as they are. Rhode Island won't be bossed about by its larger, more populous neighbors." Rhode Island feared of Constitutional Convention's newly proposed system that would be detrimental to Rhode Island's economy.

Relating to the American Revoloution who was the delegate from Rhode Island sent to vote for freedom?

Stephen Hopkins and William Ellery.

How many delegates does RI have?

Rhode Island has three delegates to the Electoral College. This is the minimum amount, because they have a delegate for each senator and their single congressional district.

Who was Delegate of Rhode Island in 1776?

Nicholas Cooke (born February 3, 1717 in Providence, Rhode Island; died September 14, 1782 in Providence, Rhode Island), the first Governor of Rhode Island, served between November 7, 1775 and May 4, 1778, including the whole of 1776.

What is rhode islands method for nominating delegate?

They have a Primary.

Is NOT a state Rhode Island Louisiana Sacramento Montana?

Rhode Island

Smallest state in us?

Smallest state in the US is Rhode Island.It is smallest in terms of area.

What is the official name of Rhode Island?

"State of Rhode Island And Providence Plantations".

What US state has the capital of Providence?

Rhode Island. Providence is the capital City.

Rhode Island's state bird?

The state bird of Rhode Island is the "Rhode Island Red" (a type of chicken).