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The descent traced through the mothers in a family tree is known as matrilineal. This usually happens in Africa.

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Q: Descent traced through mothers rather than fathers?
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How did the experience of African Americans under French and Spanish rule in North America compare to that in the British colonies?

People of African descent, brought to Florida and Louisiana during the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries, learned to speak Spanish or French rather than English, and they became Roman Catholics rather than Protestants. In addition, the routes to freedom were more plentiful in the Spanish and French colonies than they were in Britain's plantation colonies.

Why did the writers of the Constitution use general terms instead of being extremely specific about all details of government?

Because our founding fathers had no idea how the future would be, they decided to mage the rights and freedoms more general, rather than to specify items. You must also take in consideration the time they wrote it and the political views and parties that were involved during that time.

Is patriotism an old fashioned idea?

No, patriotism and nationalism are rather new ideas historically speaking. Until the 1700s, the vast majority of people thought of themselves as devoted to groups rather than a nation. For example, more people would think of themselves as Protestant rather than English. It is really evident when you look through at wars, for example, the Crusades weren't a political dispute between nations but rather a group dispute between 3 groups (Christians, Jews and Muslims), similarly, a lot of "national" wars like the wars between England and France had their underlying tensions in that England was Protestant and France was Catholic. In the underdeveloped world, there is the same identity due to wars between ethnic or religious groups rather than nation against nation as we've come accustom to in wars like the two world wars.

What color was Alexander Hamilton's hair?

His hair color was auburn with blue eyes and pale skin. He was rather short 5'7. He was an illegitimate child ( this was very important in the 1700's. Inheritance was through the father to the son) so he started life homeless and poor.

What is Kantian rights?

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What happens if in a matrilineal society there is no sister?

Nothing happens. A matrilineal society just traces the family heritage and history from the mothers line rather than the fathers.

What is the meaning of the word matrilineal?

In a matrilineal society, ancestry is traced through the mother rather than the father. Property may be inherited based on the mother's line of descent. There are several matrilineal societies in the world today, such as the Mosuo of China.

Are the Gaelic people from aryan descent?

Himmler thought the Scots were racially rather superior ...

Can a person be his own father?

Yes you can Marry your mother but that's illegal all most everywhere and your not really your own father but rather your stepfather. If it was possible you could go back I time and have sex with your mother but you really wouldn't be your father still because you are made of Half your mothers chromosomes and half your fathers so having sex with your mother would result in a .75 (your mothers) chromosome + .25 (your real fathers chromosomes) Baby. So ultimately no you truly can't be your own biological father.

Fathers of confederation?

Fathers of Confederation are a group of people who attended the Charlotte and Quebec Conference in the year 1864 in London. Originally, there were 36 original Fathers of Confederation.

Why do men listen to their mothers more than their wifes?

Your assertion that "men listen to their mothers more than their wives" (note you spelt "wifes" wrong in your question!). Is a statement of your perception rather than a fact. Perhaps the problem is with you rather than men in general.

When does Matrilineal organization occur?

Matrilineal organization occurs when descent and inheritance are traced through the mother's lineage. This can be seen in various societies around the world where the family's lineage is passed down through the female rather than the male line.

Can dogs drink goats milk?

They can but it is not of much nutritional value. The dog should rather have it's mothers milk.

What do the witches mean by from his mothers womb untimely ripped?

The witches mean that Macduff was not born through natural childbirth, but rather was delivered through a surgical procedure (a cesarean section). This detail is meant to suggest that Macduff is not subject to the same fate as other men and may pose a threat to Macbeth.

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What is negro the gender nouns?

Negro is a word used to describe people of African descent. It is not a gender noun; rather, it pertains to race or ethnicity.

How so we know that some people of African descent were not slaves in Spain's American colonies?

Some people of African descent in Spain's American colonies were not slaves because they were born into free families or obtained their freedom through various means such as manumission, military service, or purchase. Others may have escaped or been granted freedom due to exceptional skills or services provided to their masters. It is important to recognize the diversity of experiences for individuals of African descent in colonial societies rather than assuming all were enslaved.