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Gerald is a very protective and caring guy. He loves Angel more then Anything. The Person she dispisses the most is Jordon Sparks. geralds aunt dies and now he misses her. He misses aunt queen now but he loves Angels Company.

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Q: Describe Gerald from forged by fire?
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In forged by fire what sport did Gerald play?

In "Forged by Fire," Gerald played basketball. It was a sport he loved and excelled at, providing an escape from the challenges he faced in his life.

What was Gerald 9TH birthday surprises in 'forged by fire'?

In the book "Forged by Fire" by Sharon M. Draper, Gerald's 9th birthday surprise was a brand new basketball.

Why is Gerald miserable in his new home Forged By Fire?

His stepfather is very mean and treats Gerald terribly.

In the story forged by fire Where does Gerald live?

Gerald lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Who supported Gerald and angel throughout the trail in forged by fire?

Gerald and Angel were supported by their grandmother, Mama, throughout the trial in "Forged by Fire." Mama provided them with stability, love, and guidance during this difficult time.

Who is the protogonist in the book forged by fire?

Jordan, Angel and Gerald are all protagonists.

What is the resolution in forged by fire?

The resolution in "Forged by Fire" by Sharon M. Draper is when Gerald finally confronts his abusive stepfather, Jordan, and stands up for himself. Jordan is arrested, and Gerald is able to move forward with his life with the support of his family and friends. The novel ends with a sense of hope for the future.

The main characters of the story forged by fire?

Its gerald, Angel, Jordan, Monique, Aunt Queen

What was chapter 19-24 about in forged by fire?

Chapters 19-24 of "Forged by Fire" by Sharon M. Draper focus on the aftermath of Gerald's abusive stepfather being released from prison and the impact it has on Gerald and his family. The chapters explore themes of resilience, healing, and confronting trauma as Gerald navigates the challenges that arise from his stepfather's return.

What is the important events in the story forged by fire?

Some important events in the book "Forged by Fire" by Sharon M. Draper include Gerald's mother's death, his abusive relationship with his stepfather Jordan, the challenges Gerald faces while in foster care, and his journey towards healing and self-acceptance.

Where is the setting in forged by fire?

"Forged by Fire" by Sharon M. Draper is set in contemporary urban America, primarily in a city neighborhood where the main character, Gerald Nickelby, grows up. The story unfolds in various locations within the city, such as Gerald's home, school, and the surrounding streets and community.

Describe one problem in Forged by Fire by Sharon Draper?

child abuse