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it was the best and many people therre didnt give a mother

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Q: Describe an example of roman achieving political or social equality?
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The right of each citizen to vote is an example of?

political equality

What is the difference between equality of opportunity and equality of outcomes?

my getting here hoping to find an answer to the question is an example of the equality of opportunity and my being asked to answer the question myself is an example of the equality of outcomes

Why did the court distinguish between political and social equality?

The court distinguishes between political and social equality because political equality relates to equal rights, opportunities, and treatment under the law. In contrast, social equality involves broader issues such as economic status, education, and overall social standing, which may not necessarily be addressed through legislation and legal frameworks.

Give five example of comparative of equality?

give me 5 example of compaaative

Why is Equality of Opportunity controversial?

Equality of opportunity is controversial because achieving it often involves addressing deep-rooted societal issues such as discrimination, economic disparities, and lack of access to resources. Some people may disagree on the extent to which government intervention is needed to level the playing field, as well as on the best ways to ensure equal opportunities for all individuals. There can be disagreements on what constitutes a fair starting point and how to balance individual merit and societal responsibility in achieving equality of opportunity.

Five example of axiom of equality?

Sagot mo?

What is an example of a symmetric property of equality?

If a = b then b = a

What is an example of economic equality?

An example of an economic equality is Canada, because the country makes it's citizens pay tax to help the people who cannot provide for themselves.

Which is an example of social change that occured in the 1970s?

there was a rise in self improvement trends

What are some example sentences for equality?

The crowds marched for marriage equality.The minorities wanted equality with the majority.

What is division property of equality?

i just need an example thank you

What is an example of promoting equality and diversity in a school?

black people