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A simple explanation is that each of the three branches are inhibited by and can inhibit the other branches.

The executive branch can inhibit the legislative by vetoing and can inhibit the Judicial by appointing judges.

The legislative can inhibit the executive by overriding the veto and can inhibit the judicial by impeachment and how far their power stretches

The judicial stops the executive by declaring its actions unconstitutional and the congress by interpreting the laws passed

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Q: Describe how the system of checks and balances might work in the federal government?
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What is name of the system that maintains separation of powers among the branches of the federal government?

The Checks and Balances system maintains the separation of powers.

What is the system limiting the power of the federal government branches?

Checks and Balances

Why did the delegates create a system of checks and balances within the federal government?

The delegates created a checks and balances system within the federal government so no one branch could become extremely powerful. Checks and balances is apart of the separation of powers of the federal government.

Two examples of how checks and balances work in the federal government?

they send out checks. they report lost damages.

Why was it necessary to create a system of checks and balances in the federal government?

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What is the common name for the system within the Federal Government that ensures that no single individual or group has too much power?

Checks and Balances

In your own word describe what is mean by ''Checks and Balances'' in American government?

Checks and balances is the system whereby each branch of the government exercises some control over the others.

What is the system of limiting the power of the three branches of the federal government called?

Checks and balances

Why was the federal government divided into 3 branches?

To create a checks and balances system and limit corruption.

What system does the federal branches of government used to limit the powers of each other?

A system in which each branch of government can check the other two is a system operating with a separation of power.

Why did writers of the constitution add checks and balances to the federal government?

To allow leaders to make bolder decisions

Which of the checks and balances of the US federal government originated with the Marbury v Madison decision?

Judicial review