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A form of political organization in which power is divided among a central government and Territorial subdivisions; in the United States power is shared among the national, state, and local government

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By dividing power between the states and the national government, one level can serve as a check on the other. This should provide a "double security" to the rights of the people. According the James Madison, this system was especially fitting for American because the nation was one of diverse interests. Each of these interests would constitute a faction that would seek its own advantage, and one faction might come to dominate government or a part of government in one place, and a different faction might come to power in another. The tugging and pulling of these factions would prevent any single region of the United states from dominating all of government. The division of powers among several governments would give to virtually every faction an opportunity to gain some-but not full-power.

One of the major concerns of the Framers was the prevention of tyranny in a concentration of power. They believed that federalism checks the growth of tyranny while inhibiting the formation of single-interest majorities. The system promotes unity without uniformity and promotes experimentation in public policy. For example, the states often serve as testing grounds for policies that later translate to the national level. Lastly, federalism keeps the government close to the people, giving them a greater say in affairs at both levels.

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It means that the U.S. is a federation of sovereign states who have delegated some of their sovereignty to a central government (the federal government).

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what does federal system of government.

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Q: Describe the federal system of government?
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The US Constitution establishes a federal system of government Which statement best describes a federal system of government?

The US Constitution established the Federal system of government. The best way to describe the Federal system of government is that it is a shared power of government between the nation and the states.

which statements describe a major advantage of a federal system of government over a unitary system?

it prevents a single national government from holding all of country's power.

What is federal system?

Federal system is a dual government system in which nation is divided into different states and single central government .

The federal government and the state government are two levels and what kind of government system?

a federal government system

What is a federal system of government designed to do?

a federal system of goverment that is designed to do is to divide powers between the states and the federal government

What is quasi federal system?

A quasi federal system means a government which is designed to work as a Federal government in normal circumstances and as an unitary government in an emergency.

In what kind of government system is the national government subordinate to the states?

The power-sharing between a central government and those of the individual states is a federal government.

The federal system political systems?

The federal system political system is divided between the national government and regional government. The united states is a federal republic.

What is The difference of a unitary system and a federal system of government?

the federal system controls most or all the power of government and the unitary system one in which all government is derived form the central government.

What is the federal system of government?

The federal system of government is the citizens and government having equal power not a monarchy, but each side being even.

How is authority shared in a federal system of government?

How is authority shared in a federal system