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George Washington served his time as president for 2 years refused a 3rd but while he was president he had many ideas many of which helped the country when he arrived at parties he wanted to arrive early and wanted to leave of the balcony way he did not like to be introduced when walking into a party because he was so shy we are very glad we had George Washington

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his actions set an example for future leaders: apex

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Q: Describe the presidency of George Washington?
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When was Presidency of George Washington born?

Presidency of George Washington was born on 1732-02-22.

What best describes the transfer of the presidency of George Washington to the presidency of john Adams?

What best describes the transfer of the presidency of George Washington to the presidency of John Adamds

What number was George Washington for presidency?

George washington was the 1st president.

What where George Washington's professions?


After George Washington presidency what were his activities?


What day did George Washington start his presidency?

George Washington was inaugurated on Thursday, April 30, 1789.

Who ran for presidency and asked for no payment?

George Washington

George Washington's professions prior to presidency?


Which presidents fought during their presidency?

George Washington

Which president equated his presidency with that of a king?

George Washington

What did Eli Whitney invent during George Washington's presidency?

eli whitney invented the cotton gin (a machine that seperated cotton from its seeds) in 1793, which was during george washington's presidency

Was George Washington proud of being the first President of the US?

George Washington considered holding the Presidency a necessary burden.