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describe the procedural safeguards that protect American constitutional rights?

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Q: Describe the procedural safeguards that protect American constitutional rights?
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All of the following would accurately describe all or some of the participants at the Constitutional Convention EXCEPT?

It's not delegates, but the other choices are framers, senators, founding fathers.

In your own word describe what is mean by ''Checks and Balances'' in American government?

Checks and balances is the system whereby each branch of the government exercises some control over the others.

What terms can describe the American governmental system?

Most of the time, the American democratic republic system of government is a modification of the golden rule: "who ever has the gold makes the rules". The money needed to get elected, the effect of lobbyists, the power of big companies often rule the government of the USA and money does impact how people are elected and how the USA is run.

What led to the Constitution?

After the Colonies declared independence from England, the new country needed a document to describe the structure of the new government. The first of these governing documents was The Articles of Confederation, which was ratified in 1781. Because The Articles proved to be unsuccessful at governing the US as needed, the Constitutional Convention met in 1787 to discuss revising The Articles. Eventually, a completely new document, The Constitution, is written and ratified in 1788.

Cite two examples that show why American government may be describe as government by the party?

For sure the first example is this: Public officeholders-those who govern-are regularly chosen on the basis of party. Not sure about the second example. When I find it, I'll update.

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What term best describe the government of Jordan?

Constitutional Monarchy

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What do the Bill of Rights describe?

ten Constitutional amendments specifying freedoms.

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Is republic a term to describe the US government?

Yes. The US is a Constitutional Republic.

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A constitutional monarchy with bicameral parliament, similar to that of the UK.

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their vagin hang like slave of wizard

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