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-Full Faith and Credit

-Privilieges and Immunities


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Q: Describe the three general obligations that each state has to every other state under the Constitution?
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What are three obligations that the US Constitution places on the national government for the benefit of the states?

The US Constitution places many obligations on the national government for the benefit of the states. These obligations include protection for invasion on homeland, government representation, enforcement of orders, and recognized boundaries.

What does Mandela say are one's twin obligations?

In life, every man has twin obligations obligations to his family, to his parents, to his wife and children; and he has an obligation to his people, his community, his country.

What Galaxies that requires the use of general relativity?

Every galaxy. General relativity is the most general theory of gravity we have to date. Newtonian gravity works to describe many things but it falls apart under certain situations.

Is the equal pay act included in the constitution?

No, the equal pay act is not included in the Constitution. Actually, the very use of the word "Act" means it is a statute, not part of the Constitution. The Constitution has a general requirement of equality of treatment, but that requirement is not absolute. It is not in the Constitution because the Constitution is a fundamental powers document. From those powers come the right to make laws governing individual situations, like pay, voting, segregation, etc. It could not cover every instance of every area where an issue of equality of treatment arises.

What are the special duties of the general assembly?

the general assembly conducts investigations, submits constitutional amendments to the people, acts on amendements to the federal constitution, and helps plan redistricting every 10 years. i hope this info helps u!:) 2/15/11

How does the Constitution relate to us?

In the most general sense, the Constitution is the foundation upon which all the federal laws of the United States Government are based. Also, and equally important, the Constitution tells citizens how they can participate in government. It's important to realize that the People created the Constitution, and it is the People who can change the Constitution. The government works for the people. If every citizen fully realized this, I think many things would change.

How many states adopted their own constitution?

Every state has its own constitution.

Why constitution is important in every countries?

But not in Cambodia.

Is the constitution amended every 10 years?


Was the Constitution accepted by every state?


Does Tennessee have its own constitution?

Yes, in fact, every state in the United States has its own constitution.

What are the communal obligations to distribute the mail on a normal Post Office business day?

Define your meaning of "communal obligations." (in the US) the mail is scheduled to be delivered on every day except Sunday and nationally recognized legal holidays.