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the magna carta, three fifths compromise, and enlightenment were the ideas

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law and the declaration of independance

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Q: Describe three traditions or ideas that helped to shape the Constitution?
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What ideas helped shape the Constitution?

the answer to your question is the law and the declaration of independance

What was James Madisons role in the convention?

James Madison was the author of the Constitution. He combined the many ideas of different representatives of all 13 states and put their ideas into written words.

What traditions events and forces helped form an American identity?

Education, Publishing, War, Economy, Religion and Ideas, and Politics and Law

What ideas and traditions influenced government in the colonies?

Check out the related links for some ideas and traditions that influenced early American government.

What are some housewarming traditions?

any good haitian housewarming traditions and/or gift ideas?

What impact did the Anti-Federalists have on the US Constitution?

The ideas and concerns of the anti federalists shaped the constitution because without their ideas we would have never had a bill of rights and the bill of rights has helped protect the basic rights of the American people.

How do traditions prevent progress?

Traditions can prevent progress because it is the continuation of old ideas. If old ideas are being done over and over then how is someone expected to progress.

How did the constitution and bill of rights reflect the enlightenment ideas?

how did the constitution and the Bill of Rights reflects enlightenment ideas

Who in the Renaissance helped spread ideas quickly?

The printing press helped spread the ideas of the Renaissance.

How is federalism incorporated in constitution?

The entire constitution has Federalist ideas and concepts.

What is a source for the ideas outlined in the Japanese constitution?

Much of the Japanese Constitution is based on the US Constitution.

What does Common Sense have to do with the Constitution?

It has nothing to do with the constitution other than expressing the ideas that will be used in the constitution.