Destruction of ecosystem

Updated: 8/20/2023
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Destruction of ecosystems is a serious problem. This includes taking resources from an ecosystem, like wood, resources, plants, and animals.

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It means polluting and devastating the nature of sea and sea habitants

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Q: Destruction of ecosystem
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What is degradation and destruction of ecosystem?


What is causing the destruction of the ecosystem?

ya mum

Impact of ecosystem destruction?

impact of ecosystem has caused a great imbalance in nature which later leads to loss of biodiversity

How does ozone destruction affect ecosystems?

Ozone destruction is fatal fro ecosystem. It allows UV rays will destroy life on earth.

What destruction do thunderstorms cause to an ecosystem?

people die because of them and also make forest fires

How can ecosystem's change?

Removal or extinction of species, or just habitat destruction by an event (wildfire, human removal)

Why are natural calamities destructive to ecosystem?

Because it can easily wipe out or destroy ecosystems along the path of destruction.

Main threats to the ecosystem?

The main threat in the ecosystem is the habitat destruction of land. There is also a threat in the rivers because many people built canals and as a result the water in the rivers drained.

What is the most serious impact to an ecosystem after a tornado?

The most serious impact is usually the destruction of trees and animal habitats.

What causes the destruction of marine ecosystem?

The destruction of marine ecosystems can be caused by factors such as overfishing, pollution from land-based sources such as agriculture and industry, habitat destruction through coastal development and sedimentation, and climate change leading to ocean acidification and rising temperatures. These factors can disrupt the balance of marine ecosystems, leading to declines in biodiversity and ecosystem health.

How will you destruction of coral reefs affect you and others as consumers of fish products?

It will affect something called Biodiversity: the variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem. Coral reefs hold the most biodiversity than any other ecosystem in the world... destruction of a coral reef would hurt the food chain.

Can the ecosystem survive without the Siberian tiger?

Ideally speaking No. Without the presence of these predators, the herbivore population may explode and it may result in destruction of forests and grazing areas and eventually the whole ecosystem.