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Various private organizations had the initial control of the colonies. Each of those colonies was granted its charter by the British Crown. In some cases the British had 'taken over' colonies from the Dutch.

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Q: Did Britain own the 13 original colonies in 1776?
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The colonies won their freedom from what?

If you are speaking on behalf of the original 13 colonies in America, then from Britain. Britain wanted to financially benefit from the existence of the colonies, so Britain taxed the colonies harshly. Obviously, the colonies did not particularly enjoy these taxes and fought to win their independence as a country of it's own.

When were the colonies called the united colonies?

After the American Revolutionary War, but Britain still interfered until the war of 1812 when the realized that the United States was a strong and independent country that could survive on its own.

Why did the American revolution give independence to great Britain?

Britain fought in the U.S. Revolutionary War because The original 13 colonies belonged to Great Britain. In order for the colonies to became free they had to fight Britain to gain their own freedom and become their own country.

When did the colonists declare their independence from England?

The colonists came to the decision to declare independence from Great Britain after the king of Britain and Parliament decided to impose high taxes on imported goods to the colonies. Without representation in Parliament the colonies had no way of voicing their disapproval. For this matter they decided to break away and for their own union.

What is sentence using the word thirteen original colonies?

I'm not certain whether or not Pennsylvania was one of the thirteen original colonies. The thirteen original colonies had their own flag. America's thirteen original colonies are to be found along the eastern seaboard of the North American continent.

What is the story of the US?

The nation began as 13 British colonies. On July 4, 1776 we declared our independence and became a nation of our own.

Why was New Jersey founded as a state?

AnswerNew Jersey became a state in 1778, when the Revolution War started. Prior to this it was one of the original 13 colonies. It was first settled by the Swedes and Dutch in the mid 1600s, and became an English Proprietary government (East and West Jersey) in 1684. All the original 13 colonies became states in 1776, and passed their own constitutions as well as the new federal one.

What was Great Britain's policy of governing its colonies to build up its own gold supplies and to expand its own trade?

Salutory neglect

Which colony was Pennsylvania in?

Pennsylvania state was also called Pennsylvania as a colony. It was named for Admiral William Penn, its founder's father. "silva" means "forest" in Latin, so the whole name means "Penn's Forest."

When did NH get independence from MA?

In terms of New Hampshire being part of the United States of America, New Hampshire was never part of the state of Massachusetts. New Hampshire was one of the original 13 colonies, and upon the Declaration of Independence in 1776, became it's own state.

In what colonies did colonist had considerable responsibility for their own government?

Colonists had considerable responsibility for their own government in colonies that were further away from major established colonies, like Jamestown. Colonists who went out on their own seeking to establish towns, like the Quakers had their own governments.

Did the 13 original colonies have identical government and interests?

No, the 13 colonies were very independent at first with their own ideas, governments, and interests. It took a lot of work to unite the colonies.