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Yes. He insisted that slaves be included in the rule of representation, equally with the whites or freemen.

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Q: Did Charles Pinckney want to count slaves in apportioning seats in congress?
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Was Charles pinckney against slavery?

No, he actually owned 300 slaves.

What does Charles pinckney think should be done about the slave trade?

kepp all slaves as property

How many slaves did Charles Cotesworth Pinckney own?

It doesn't matter how many slaves the man owned because that probably changed every week! What matters is that he had slaves in the first place and that he agreed with slavery. WHICH IS WRONG!

What did Charles pinckney think of the 3 branches of government?

Charles pickney was pro-slavery.he beleived that slaves were necessary for the southern states and that that slaves should be considered property, similar to land.he thought slaves were necessary to increase produce production and to increase consumption.

Did Charles Cotesworth Pinckney agree with slavery?

Yes, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney was a supporter of slavery and defended its continuation as a legal institution. He was a prominent figure in South Carolina and argued for the protection of slavery in the United States.

What was Charles Pinckneys view on slavery?

Charles Pinckney believed that slavery was essential to the Southern economy and way of life. He defended the institution of slavery and argued for its protection in the Constitution during the Constitutional Convention of 1787. However, he also expressed concerns about the morality of slavery and the potential consequences it could have on the nation in the long term.

Which compromises at the Constitutional Convention please the Southern states Why?

The Three-Fifths Compromise counted three-fifths of the state's slaves in apportioning Representatives. The compromise ended up giving the southern states 38 percent of the seats in the Continental Congress.

How many members of congress owned slaves?

how many members of congress owned slaves how many members of congress owned slaves

In what year did congress ban the importation of slaves from Africa?

congress banned the importation of slaves from Africa in 1808

Why did Taney say that Congress could not prohibit someone from taking slaves into a federal territory?

Taney said that Congress could not prohibit someone from taking slaves into a federal territory when he was addressing the Congress.

What compromise was eventually reached about slavery in the US constitution?

The Constitution had three main compromises about slavery: -- The 3/5 compromise allowed states to count slaves as residents when apportioning the House of Representatives, but only at the rate of 3 residents counted for every 5 slaves. -- The partial ban on slave traffic allowed the international slave trade to continue for 20 years. Under Article 1, section 9, Congress is prevented from prohibiting the importation of slaves, before 1808. -- The Fugitive Slave Clause (Article 4, section 2) which required the return of escaped slaves to their masters.

When did the Confederate Congress authorize using slaves as soldiers?

The idea of having slaves serve in the Confederate military as soldiers had been a topic in the South as early as 1863. I March of 1865, the Confederate Congress authorized the recruitment of slaves to serve as soldiers.