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Yes he did. He was the 10th of 22 children.

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Q: Did Christy Brown have siblings
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What is Christy Brown's birthday?

Christy Brown was born on June 5, 1932.

When was Christy Brown born?

Christy Brown was born on June 5, 1932.

How old is Christy Brown?

Christy Brown was born on June 5, 1932 and died on September 6, 1981. Christy Brown would have been 49 years old at the time of death or 83 years old today.

What was Christy Brown's cognitive changes?

it's time

How did christy brown's wife die?

suffocation while eating.... neglected by wife. I think i also read somewhere that he didn't die so maybe that's true as well he could still be alive today... christy brown is invinsable..... his wife died before him so i wonder who fed him

What was the name of the artist portrayed in the movie My Left Foot?

Christy Brown.

Who are some people who have cerebral palsy?

Christy Brown And Steady Eddie.

What did artist writer Christy Brown use?

He typed with his left foot / toes.

What are artist Christy Brown's parents names and occupations?

to die old and alone

Did Clara Brown have siblings?


Did Willa Beatrice Brown have siblings?

Yes, Willa Beatrice Brown had siblings. She had three sisters.

Does Shannon brown have siblings?

NO, but he does have a look-alile though(Shannon Brown)