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Q: Did Colorado Senate Bill 09-282 pass?
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Senate votes needed to pass a bill?

2/3 of Senate

How many votes to pass a spending bill in the senate?

Actually, there are a limited amount of people in the Senate. Anyway, the bill is passed when there are more votes to pass the bill EX: 60 wants bill, 25 doesn't

Could a bill pass the Senate by a vote of 26 to 27?

No...this is too small of a majority to pass according to the constitution

Can the house ignore the senate and pass a bill to it own?

No. Both houses need to pass it.

How A Bill Become A Law At the Provincial Level?

has to pass the senate

Will sb260 senate bill California pass?

hope so

What generally happens when the senate and the House of Representatives pass different versions of the same bill?

When the senate and the house of representatives pass a bill that has different version the conference committee writes a compromise bill. This then has to be passed by the two chambers.

Republican senators voted to pass the health care reform bill in its vote on the Senate floor?

No, zero Republicans voted for this bill in the Senate.

What is wrong with this scenario?

A bill to raise individual taxes is introduced into senate. The bill is given a number and assigned to the senate budget committee for consideration.The bill is recommended for passage and is debated by the full senate. The senate votes unanimously to pass the bill with no amendments, and bill is sent to the house of representatives.

What percentage of votes are required in the Senate for a bill to pass?

A simple majority of votes is required for a bill to pass in the Senate, which is 51 out of 100 senators.

What must happen in the House of Commons before a bill can pass to the senate?


What houses have to pass a bill?

The Senate and the House of Representatives, together called the Congress.