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no, James Otis did not start the sons of liberty alone, but he was one of the founding fathers of it

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Q: Did James Otis Jr start sons of libery?
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How many sons did Mercy Otis Warren have?

Mercy Otis Warren had two sons James, and Henry

Who organized the sons of libery?

Samuel Adams did

When was Sons of Otis created?

Sons of Otis was created in 1992.

What was made to protest against the stamp act?

Sons of Libery

Did elisha graves Otis have children?

Yes, Elisha Graves Otis had children. He had two sons named Charles and Norton Otis.

Who made up the sons of liberty?

The Sons of Liberty were a group of protestors formed to protect the rights of the colonists and oppose the abuse from the British government. They were founded by John Hancock and Samuel Adams. Other members included Patrick Henry, John Holt, James Otis, Paul Revere, James Swan, and Benedict Arnold.

Who are James Drury 's sons?

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Did James Warren die in the Revolutionary War?

The James Warren of Plymouth, Massachusetts, husband of Mercy Otis, who was a paymaster of the Continental Army, did not. He lived to be 82 and died in 1808. He was very active in the Sons of Liberty and fought at Bunker Hill. There may have been another James Warren who did die in the war. Its a common name.

How many grandchildren does etta James have?

Etta James has two sons, Donto and Sametto James.

What was James Otis's role in the Revolutionary war?

one of the first colonial leaders to speak out against the sugar act was James Otis of Massachusetts. He called the tax ''unjust". Otis also opposed the practice of executing searches without warrants.

Who is the founder of the sons of libery?

Samuel Adams was the organizer and Hancock was the money man. They were the biggest smugglers in the colonies and their business was having problems because of British policy so they formed the Son's of Liberty.

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