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There is no affirmative proof that he, himself, sought a peaceful solution to the problems between Great Britain and the colonies; however some attempts at peaceful reconciliation were made during the Revolutionary War by Great Britain. In 1775, Great Britain offered the colonies a chance at reconciliation with Great Britain, but not full independence. The colonies refused. Later in 1778, Lord North sent the Earl of Carlysle to the Second Continental Congress to discuss reconciliation; however by that time and so far into the war, there was no hope of a peaceful solution other than full independence. Throughout the entire period of the problems between both sides, King George III maintained that the colonies were not independent and had no right to disobey his and Parliament's decrees. With this attitude, it is difficult to believe that Lord North in 1778 could send a peace mission to the colonies without the King's knowledge or consent.

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Q: Did King George III refuse to look for a peaceful solution?
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