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daughter Rita Paige, and granddaughter Ayanna Mishoe.

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Q: Did Luna mishoe have children
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When did Luna Isaac MIshoe died?

Luna Isaac Mishoe died January 1989

Who was Luna isaac mishoe's parents?

Henry Cannon Mishoe and Martha Ellen Oliver Mishoe

How did Luna Isaac mishoe make discoveries?

Luna Isaac Mishoe got his answers to many things through math and science . Luna Isaac Mishoe has a Ph.d and many other certifications

Why is Luna Mishoe is a famous person?

Luna Mishoe is a famous person because not only was a he a mathematician, but he was also the President of Delaware State University. At this university, there is a building in his name. He rests in peace in Bucksport, SC in his own moseleum, in Mishoe Cemetary---- Mr. Roderick J. Mishoe

How has Luna Isaac Mishoe work been important to the field of mathematics?

he was an African amaerican who did work with sceintific things but nobody almost never discovered him .

How tall is Marshall Mishoe?

Marshall Mishoe is 5' 2".

Who is Dr Luna you Mishoe?

Dr. Luna Mishoe is a public health expert and the current president of Delaware State University. She has a distinguished history in higher education holding positions at the University of Delaware Vanderbilt University and Florida A&M University. Dr. Mishoe is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in higher education and is actively working to increase access to education for marginalized communities. She also serves on the Board of Governors for the American Council on Education helping to shape policies and initiatives that benefit higher education across the United States. Dr. Mishoe is a leader in her field and her dedication to equity education and growth make her an invaluable leader in the field of higher education.

What are the names Frank Lampards children?

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Who did Luna Lovegood marry and did she have children?

Luna Lovegood married Rolf Scamander and together they had twins named Lorcan and Lysander.

What has the author John Wayne Mishoe written?

John Wayne Mishoe has written: 'Dynamic modeling of the human hand using driving point mechanical impedance techniques' -- subject(s): Physiological effect, Effect of vibrartion, Hand, Vibration syndrome, Vibration

Does Frank Lampard Have Any Children?

2 girls named Luna and Isla.

What are the names of juanes's children?

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