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no, lydia Darragh did not have a british accent. She was Irish.

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Q: Did Lydia darragh have a British accent?
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Who are the important people of the Revolutionary War?

Lydia Darragh A woman who spied on the british Lydia Darragh A woman who spied on the british Lydia Darragh Henry Knox Joseph Martin

Why was Lydia darragh important?

Lydia Darragh told George Washington's group about an attack that the British were planning.

Where was Lydia Darragh politically?

She was with the british in philedephia

Who did Lydia darragh spy on?

she spied on the British.

What was Lydia darragh's hobbies?

She loved spying on the british army.

How many siblings did Lydia Darragh have?

Lydia Darragh had five children. Charles Darragh, Ann Darragh, John Darragh, William Darragh, and Susannah Darragh

Who did Lydia darragh spy for?

Lydia darragh was a spy for George Washington

How do you pronounce Lydia Darragh?

Lydia darragh

Were there any memorials for Lydia Darragh?

There is a gravestone after Lydia Darragh.

What was Lydia darragh's occupation?

Lydia Darragh was an Irish Quaker during the American Revolution. She is known for sharing information with American armies regarding British plans. She worked as a midwife.

Who di Lydia darragh spy for?

Lydia Darragh spied for George Washington.

What was Lydia darragh husbands name?

William Darragh