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did montesquien advocated a type of goverement tightly by a stronger ruler

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Q: Did Montesquieu advocated a type of government tightly controlled by a strong ruler?
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This concept is the basis of the Constitution?

The basis of the Constitution is sovereign individuals living in sovereign States, with a limited federal government that deals exclusively with states and not with individual citizens. This was clearly expressed in the limited and tightly-defined list of powers and authorities granted to the federal government in the U.S. Constitution.

What political feature was most important to the Byzantine state?

Its tightly centralized rule under a powerful emperor. :)

Why did young women want to work at the Lowell mills?

Because the Lowell girls made up almost 75% of the workers in textile mills, many of the women joined the American labor movement in protest of the conditions of the factories they were working in. The Lowell Female Labor Reform Association was formed as the first female union for workers during the industrial revolution. These women were crucial in forming strikes to get rights for women working in mills and factories at this time.

What is the implied message in this example?

Car Ad: A pretty and stylish young woman holds on tightly to a car's steering wheel. She asks shyly, "Is this car easy to drive?" The announcer says, "Yes! The new GMP Mini-automatic is the easiest car available to drive. It practically drives itself! No thinking required!" GMP Mini-automatic - it almost drives itself!

How does The Gloden Gate brige stay in place and not fall?

The Golden Gate bridge is a suspension bridge. The high towers are the main support for the bridge, they are rooted into the bottom of the bay and supported by tons of concrete. These towers are connected to the rest of the bridge by thick tightly wound steel cables. These cable are attached every few yards and are capable of supporting an extreme amount of weight. This method of bridge building is one of the most stable ever devised.

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He is, without question. Stephen Harper is a fascist. He campaigned on open and accountable government, yet has run the most secretive and tightly controlled cabinet in Canadian history. His was the first government in the history of the Commonwealth to be found in contempt of parliament. His government is currently under investigation for election fraud.

What is convertible currency?

A currency that can be readily bought or sold without government restrictions, in order to purchase another currency. A convertible currency is a liquid instrument when compared to currencies tightly controlled by a central bank or other regulating authority.

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What happens to people that try to fool the government in Fahrenheit 451?

In Fahrenheit 451, people who try to fool the government or break the rules by owning and reading books are either arrested by the Firemen and their books are burned, or they are sent to mental institutions for reprogramming. The society in the novel is tightly controlled, and those who oppose the government face severe consequences.