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Ms. Butler was never married and did not have any children. Many fans regard the many characters that she wrote as her offspring and her writing as her legacy.

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Q: Did Octavia E Butler have kids?
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What is the birth name of Octavia Butler?

Octavia Butler's birth name is Octavia Estelle Butler.

How tall is Octavia Butler?

Octavia Butler is 6'.

Who is the sci-fi writer of the novel kindred?

Octavia E. Butler

What nicknames did Octavia Butler go by?

Octavia Butler went by Junie.

Who wrote Bloodchild?

Octavia E. Butler wrote Bloodchild and Other Stories.

What is Octavia Butler's birthday?

Octavia Butler was born on June 22, 1947.

When was Octavia Butler born?

Octavia Butler was born on June 22, 1947.

When was Survivor - Octavia Butler novel - created?

Survivor - Octavia Butler novel - was created in 1978.

How many siblings did octavia butler have?

Octavia Butler had one sibling, a brother named Raymond.

How many pages does Survivor - Octavia Butler novel - have?

Survivor - Octavia Butler novel - has 185 pages.

How old was Octavia Butler at death?

Octavia Butler died on February 24, 2006 at the age of 58.

Was Octavia E Butler ever married?

No. ocatvia butler was never married. she was a scientific writer who expressed herself through her scientific peices.