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Q: Did President carter have only one testicle?
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Does darcy have one testicle?

Yes, he has only one testicle.

Which president defeated a president who served only a partial term and he served only one term himself?

Jimmy Carter fits that description.

Which was a challenge that Jimmy Carter faced as president?

One of the many crises that Jimmy Carter faced as President was the Energy Crisis.

Which testicle gets you pregnant?

Either testicle is capable of getting a female pregnant. Even a male with only one testicle can get a female pregnant.

How many presidents lived in Georgia?

Only one - Jimmy Carter lived in Georgia.Franklin Roosevelt spent a lot of time in Warm Springs where he had his"Little White House".

Will a 30 year old male with only one testicle have problems having children after he marries?

A 30 year old will have no problem having children if he has only one testicle, as long as that single testicle is in good health.

Was President Jimmy Carter more successful in his second term than in his first?

He only had one term.

How might cancer in the testes affect a man ability to make sperm?

Not if only one testicle is removed. You can produce sperm just fine with only one testicle

What were Adolf Hitler's disabilities?

I can only think of one, and that is he was born with only one testicle.

Who is one who transports things in a light vehicle?

Carter (as in the president, Jimmy Carter)

What is recommended if only one testicle is removed?

Although it is possible to father a child if only one testicle is removed, some surgeons recommend banking sperm as a precaution in case the other testicle should develop a tumor at a later date.

What age does a boy go through puberty with one testicle?

A boy with one testicle goes through puberty the same time a person with two does. The second testicle is a spare!!!! You only need one!