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Yes. She had a half brother named Henry IV and a whole brother named Alfonso. Henry IV was her older brother. Queen Isabella was born in Madrigal de las Torres, Spain on April 22, 1451 and had died in Medina del Campo, Spain on November 26, 1504. If yu dont believe meh then go to thins website...... ok there yu go!

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Q: Did Queen Isabella of Spain have any siblings?
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Did Queen Isabella of Spain have any children?

She never had kids.

Who Two monarchs gave Columbus support for his voyage?

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain....=þ

Why did the king and queen of Spain send christopher Columbus?

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella sponsored Columbus because Columbus told them that if they gave him the money to find another trade route to India he would spread Catholicism in India (king and queen of Spain were Catholic)

Are Queen Isabella and King Ferinand related in any way?

They are, King Ferdinand And Queen Isabella are related they are cousins!

What is a biography of Queen Isabella?

Queen Isabella was a great queen. She was smart and beautiful. Isabella helped Christopher Columbus set sail for the first time. Christopher Columbus wanted to see if there were any other land that was part of the world and not only there's. Also, she helped finance his expedition. He asked 3 times, and she refused, but on the 4th plea, she gave in and helped him prepare his trip.

Did any of the English royal family marry any of the Spanish royal family in the Tudor times?

Henry VIII married Katherine of Aragon, daughter of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. Henry and Katherine's daughter, Mary, married King Philip of Spain.

Does Spain have female presidents?

Spain has no such thing as a President, so it would be impossible for Spain to have a female president.To date, Spain has also not had any female Prime Ministers (Presidentes del Gobierno). There has also been only one Spanish queen: Isabella II of Bourbon from 1833-1868.

How did queen Isabella treat her slaves?

Queen Isabella of Spain allowed slavery to exist in the newly discovered territories, but she attempted to regulate and lessen its harshness. She implemented laws to protect the rights of native people and sought to prevent abuse against them. However, her efforts were not always successful in curbing the mistreatment of slaves.

Did Queen Isabella win any honors or awards?

No, she has not won any awards in her lifetime.

Did queen nzinga have any sisters or brothers?

Yes Queen Nzinga did have siblings

Did queen Victoria have any siblings and what was there names?

Does she have any sister or brother

Why did the queen of Spain pay for Marco Polo's trip?

Assuming that this is referring to Queen Isabella of Spain's hiring of Christopher Columbus, there are a few things worth noting:1) No Such Thing as Italy: Italy is a more recent country and did not exist in the late-1400s and early-1500s when Columbus sailed for Spain. The Italian Peninsula was divided into a number of city-states that could not compete with a large empire like Spain. As a result, there would be no competition between the city-state of Genoa, where Columbus was from, and Spain. Isabella would not have sensed any conflict of interest.2) Mercenary: In those days, an explorer was loyal to whoever paid his way. As a result, Queen Isabella was not worried that Columbus would betray her since she paid for his travels.3) Sailing West: Columbus proposed a novel way to get to East Asia. While Portugal, Spain's rival, had discovered the route south and east around Africa to get to East Asia and controlled this passage, Columbus suggested forging a route that the Portuguese had never considered. Queen Isabella was interested in seeing if this idea had legs.