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Robert Yates was the only founder who rejected the Constitution. He walked out of the Convention without supporting a plan, let alone the Virginia plan.

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Q: Did Robert Yates support the Virginia plan?
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Did Roger Sherman support the Virginia Plan?

virginia plan

Did Gouverneur Morris support New Jersey or Virginia Plan?

Virginia plan

Did John Rutledge support the New Jersey Plan?

no he did not he supported the Virginia plan

Did William Few support the Virginia Plan?


Which document proposed that the upper house would be elected by the lower house-?

Virginia Plan For you A+ students Robert dlc

What is the Virginia Plan and who supported it?

did Maryland support the virgina plan in 1787

Why did the Virginia plan support larger states?

to be represented

Did Patrick Henry support the Virginia plan?

Patrik Henry Did support the Virginia plan ,however he was very afraid of a strong central government and thought that it would just develop into a monarchy.

Did William Few from Georgia support the New Jersey Plan or the Virginia Plan?

no William few was for the Virginia plan and him and Abraham Baldwin were the only people from Georgia to sign the constitution

Why would Pennsylvania and Massachusetts support the Virginia plan?

They would support it because they had very large populations. In the Virginia Plan, the greater the population, the greater the voice. Therefore, larger states would support the plan, but smaller states would have low population, and therefore little voice.

Did John Rutledge support the Virginia Plan?

Yes he did, despite the fact that his state was a small state (population wise) and that the Virginia plan gave more power to the larger states. He supported the Virginia plan before the Three fifths compromise

Did benjamin franklin support the virginia plan?

yes because Pennsylvania is such a large state