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it is assumed that he told King George's men so he could be the lucky but ugly man to love Bess and that Bess wouldn't choose the Highwayman instead of him

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Q: Did Tim the ostler tell king george's men about the highwayman?
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How did the aid papal and church power over the king?

The Catholic Church was both church and government because it could tell the king what to do. The power of the king came from God and the church was the connection between man and God. The church set the rules for society, the crown, and everything.

Was the Declaration of Independence a speech?

No, it was just a written document but it reads like a speech because it was intended to be used to tell King George III all the problems he was creating. Copies were made, one of which was sent to King George.

Who was the creator of the declaration of independence?

Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of the Declaration.

How did England respond to the continental congress?

The First Continental Congress sent representatives to England in 1775 to show King George III that the colonies could unite for a common cause. They sought for England to return to the ways things were before 1763. King George III and Lord North treated the representatives of The First Continental Congress with total Contempt. The king sent representatives to tell them they represented an illegal organization and if they did not leave England immediately, he would hang them. They returned to the United States without seeing the king.

What was significant about the Declaration of Independence?

It was written by Thomas Jefferson, in order to tell King George the Third that the patriots want independence and want their own country. The Declaration of Independence officially broke ties with the United Kingdom. The document stated the philosophy behind the revolution and the many grievances the US had with their imperial counterparts.

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