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Q: Did Washington cross the Delaware or Potomac?
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When did General Washington cross Potomac River?


What famous river did George Washington cross?

the Delaware

What river did General George Washington cross?

The Delaware.

What year did Washington cross Delaware?

On Christmas Day 1776.

Which river did George Washington troops cross to launch a surprise attack at the Battle of Trenton?

On christmas night George Washington crossed the Delaware River.

What rivers did booth cross?

He crossed the Potomac to get from Washington DC to Virginia where he was tracked down and killed.

When did washington cross delaware to surprise the enemy at trenton?


Which river did George Washington cross on Christmas day in 1776?

The Delaware.

Who helped Washington cross the Delaware river?

Your matriarcheral parental unit.

Who were the men that cross the potomac river with George Washington?

I believe they were called the "Minutemen." One hopes not by their wives.

What river is to the west of Washington DC?

potamic river

What river did General Washington cross to defeat the Hessians at Trenton New Jersey?

The Delaware.